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Tuesday July 2nd

Dave Browning's Jazz Cats

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Dave Browning’s Jazz Cats present A night of “Wild” Bill! Hot swinging Dixieland Jazz at its best.
“Wild” Bill Davison – An American cornet player best remembered for his association with bandleader Eddie Condon with whom he worked and recorded. Tonight, we re-create the feel of this buzzing Dixieland jazz style with these handpicked Jazz Cats by pianist, Dave Browning.
On cornet, Allen Beechey a “Wild” Bill hero and very popular at many of the Jazz Festivals and for running his own band Bright Stars of Jazz.
Joined by excellent reeds man,
Richard Exall an in demand virtuoso of the clarinet and saxes and also having the experience of working with the famous Chris Barber Jazz Band.
Our guitar master tonight is none other than
Jim Douglas the go-to guy for his outstanding jazz ability and also hoarding years or professional experience with the late great Alex Welsh Jazz Band.
Tonight’s drummer is John Petters, Britain’s top jazz drumming man who has the experience of booking and working with “Wild” Bill Davison back in the 1980’s when he organised a U.K tour for the jazz great.
Providing the bass line tonight is
Keith Donald who also joined our drummer in touring with “Wild” Bill in the 1980’s and has many years of experience under his belt of backing top visiting American jazz artistes along with John Petters.
Leading the band tonight from the piano is
Dave Browning. Dave has worked with many U.K jazz artistes over the years, performed at top concert venues and jazz festivals. Described by Digby Fairweather as “an accomplished pianist in the style of Ralph Sutton and one of the nicest people you could ever meet”.

Tickets £12 or £10 in advance